Parkour Earth are meeting with the International Gymnastics Federation ©Parkour Earth

A long-awaited meeting between the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and a new parkour governing body is due to take place here tomorrow.

The meeting, taking place at the International Gymnastics Federation headquarters, follows months of wrangling over who is in control of a discipline that could one day be added to the Olympic programme.

FIG were accused of "encroachment and misappropriation" of the sport after they attempted to integrate parkour as a new discipline earlier this year.

A new body, Parkour Earth, was subsequently set-up, with Parkour UK's chief executive Eugene Minogue having been nominated and appointed as transitional chief executive on an ex-officio basis.

Minogue told insidethegames today that four specific items will be discussed at the meeting.

These include the "presentation of FIG and its vision for parkour", and the "presentation of Parkour Earth and its vision for Parkour/Freerunning/Art Du Déplacement, our members & our community".

The International Gymnastics Federation are now organising parkour World Cup events ©FIG
The International Gymnastics Federation are now organising parkour World Cup events ©FIG

They are also seeking to "formalise the clarification, understanding and recognition of the sovereignty of Parkour/Freerunning/Art Du Déplacement as a sport" and to "formalise the understanding and acknowledgement of Parkour Earth as the International Federation for the sovereign sport Parkour/Freerunning/Art Du Déplacement".

A first FIG Parkour World Cup was held over the weekend at the International Festival of Extreme Sports World Series event in Chengdu in China.

At present, the scope of Parkour Earth is limited by the fact that it only has six members.

These are Australian Parkour Association, France's Fédération de Parkour, New Zealand Parkour, the Polish Parkour And Freerunning Federation, Parkour South Africa and Parkour UK.

The body has also been challenged by the International Parkour Federation , who claim they are the only body to currently have an application with the Global Association of International Sports Federations for official recognition pending.