The deal is aimed at improving youth squash all over the world ©PSA

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) Foundation has signed a new partnership with British coaching academy Off The Wall Squash (OTWS).

Both parties will now work together to promote and grow junior squash around the world, through the implementation of a new "innovative" coaching programme.

As part of the deal the OTWS Junior Progress Awards - which are already backed by some of the world's best players - will become freely available to all clubs, coaches and schools around the world.

The programme "provides a skills-based awards package to help enhance junior squash activities".

This allows youngsters to work through a series of challenges and disciplines, collecting certificates and coloured wristbands along the way to record their progress.

The PSA Foundation, which was recognised as a charity in the United Kingdom in June, has the aim of supporting and growing squash globally through community involvement, as well as ensuring equal opportunities and boosting player well-being.

"The Junior Progress Awards are a fantastic tool for coaches and junior players," said the Foundation's manager Adriana Olaya. 

"It's a great way to introduce the game to young players and allow them to measure their level with players who are using the same programme all over the world.

Laura Massaro is one leading player to back the coaching programme ©PSA
Laura Massaro is one leading player to back the coaching programme ©PSA

"We want this tool to reach every country so players all around the world can reap the benefits of it. 

"We fully support the project and can only see positive things emerging from it."

England's Laura Massaro, the world champion in 2013, progressed through a similar coaching programme.

"I genuinely did really enjoy the junior skills programme when I was younger," the 33-year-old said.

"I remember doing the exercises over and over but it didn't count until my coach at the time saw me do it.

"I was so nervous before and happy when I did it. 

"It's great that kids will get a chance to achieve the certificates and wristbands again."

Matt McFahn, the director of coaching and operations at OTWS, said the partnership was "really exciting".

"Both organisations want to provide new and exciting ways to increase participation and collaborating on the Junior Progress Awards provides an excellent opportunity to deliver a great tool and ensure maximum exposure to the squash community," he said.