The Slovenian Fencing Federation have held a seminar and workshop for wheelchair fencing ©IWAS

The Slovenian Fencing Federation have set their sights on developing more wheelchair athletes, coaches and referees in the country.

A joint effort between the national federation and the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) Development Commission began in 2010 to promote the sport in the nation.

Led by Peter Brigola, the Commission and Italian fencing coach Fabio Giovaninni helped establish plans for a wheelchair fencing seminar and workshop.

The event, which was supported by IWAS, was held in the city of Maribor with a competition also taking place.

Coaches, referees and potential classifiers took part.

They were educated on the basic principles of wheelchair fencing, rules and technical details, as well as the organisation of wheelchair fencing competitions and classification.

Able bodied fencers and coaches were also welcomed to the event, which saw participants use plastic training weapons.

The event was supported by the IWAS Development Commission ©IWAS
The event was supported by the IWAS Development Commission ©IWAS

"It has taken a long time and motivated people to find a way to get wheelchair fencing well known in Slovenia," said Peter Brigola, IWAS Development Commission chairman.

"Thanks to IWAS it was possible to host a competition and workshop to find more people and spread the spirit of wheelchair fencing in Slovenia."

The competition was supported by live streaming and promotional videos, which organisers claim reached more than 97,000 people.

The Slovenian Veterans Championship was held as part of the event.