London 2017 made the announcement with 100 days to go ©IAAF

Coaches will receive medals for the first time at this year's International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships, London 2017 have confirmed.

The medals will be handed to podium finishers at the Championships, with the athlete then able to hand them to their coach or a significant adviser after the ceremony.

London 2017 claim the medals will recognise the unique and valued working relationship between athletes and coaches.

"We are incredibly proud to be the first IAAF World Championship hosts to make provision for a coaching medal, and we would like to thank the IAAF for their support in this matter," said Niels de Vos, London 2017's Championship director.

"It is right that the podium moment should belong to the athletes, but the coach plays such a key role in their success so we are pleased to be able to support the athlete to share that success."

The announcement comes with 100 days to go until the Championships, which will take place from August 4 to 13 at the London Olympic Stadium.

The possibility of creating a coaching medal was investigated by UK Athletics, with their subsequent request to the IAAF receiving support.

It is claimed the coaching medal will be based on similar themes to those given to athletes, but will differ in design.

Both medals are expected to be officially unveiled in May, as the countdown to the Championships continues.

The medals will honour the contribution made by coaches and their relationship with athletes ©Getty Images
The medals will honour the contribution made by coaches and their relationship with athletes ©Getty Images

"The coach-athlete relationship is so special and important so it is fantastic that, at the World Championships in London, coaches are set to be recognised for the efforts they put in to getting an athlete onto the podium," said Jazmin Sawyers, a British Olympic long jumper.

"It is great that organisers are leading the way with this form of recognition.

"As an athlete standing on the podium it is a very special and proud moment.

"You are not just representing yourself but everyone who has helped you get to that point.

"There are lots of people who you would love to have with you on the podium but it just isn't possible, so it is fantastic for them to be recognised with medals in London."

The World Athletics Championships will follow the conclusion of the World Para Athletics Championships, which will take place from July 14 and 23.