Paris' transport network was ranked as the best of the 26 most densely populated cities ©Getty Images

A study has claimed Paris, one of the contenders to host the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, has the best public transport links in the world among the largest cities.

The verdict was published by the New York-based Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, who evaluated the 26 most densely populated cities in the world.

The institute investigated the number of inhabitants who live less than one kilometre away from a fast, frequent network, which boasts nearby stops.

Paris was found to have some form of fast public transport, including metros and trams, for each of their residents as the French capital was the only city to achieve a 100 per cent rate.

New York was given a total of 77 per cent, while Brasilia had a low rating of 17 per cent.

Paris 2024 state the transport system in the city will be improved in the build-up to 2024, with the "Grand Paris Express" and an Olympic rapid transit line among extensions due to take place.

Transport is a key part of any Games and an area which often causes headaches for organisers.

"We are delighted that Paris’ public transport network has been recognised as the best amongst the world’s largest cities and we are very fortunate to have such modern infrastructure as a key part of our plan for athletes and fans at Paris 2024," said Etienne Thobois, Paris 2024's chief executive.

Paris 2024 chief executive Etienne Thobois has claimed the city's transport will be boosted by the legacy of hosting the Olympic Games ©Getty Images
Paris 2024 chief executive Etienne Thobois has claimed the city's transport will be boosted by the legacy of hosting the Olympic Games ©Getty Images

"With our compact Games plan, the city-centre of Paris is already our Olympic Park with world-renowned, iconic locations ready to host amazing sport.

"Paris’ famous boulevards and river banks will overflow with locals and visitors creating a unique Olympic atmosphere in the very heart of the city and all of this will be connected by our world-class, 100 per cent clean energy public transport network that all spectators will use to travel to venues.

"It is also important to look beyond the Games and the new Grand Paris Express and Olympic rapid transit line will ensure a genuine transport legacy that millions of Parisians and visitors will continue to benefit from thanks to the city’s unique ambition and sustainable vision."

Paris 2024 have also claimed the bus network will be improved to accommodate recent demographic changes, while also making it easier for people travelling from peripheral districts to move into the city’s suburbs.

It has been stated that athletes will also benefit from the compact nature of the Paris bid for the Games, with 22 sport sites due to be located within a 10 kilometre distance of the Olympic Village.

Around 85 per cent of athletes will be accommodated less than 30 minutes away from their competition venue, it has been claimed, while spectators will be able to use public transport, bikes or walk to various sites.

Two other candidates will battle Paris for the right to host the Olympics and Paralympics in eight years’ time - Budapest and Los Angeles.

The International Olympic Committee is due to elect the host city for 2024 at its Session in Lima on September 13 next year.