Rogers Place in Edmonton is due to open next month ©IIHF

International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) vice-president Bob Nicholson claims the newly-built Rogers Place stadium in Edmonton will be the "best arena in the world" and has predicted the venue will play host to a number of major international events in the future.

The facility in the Canadian city, which is due to be unveiled on September 10, will be the home of National Hockey League (NHL) franchise the Edmonton Oilers.

It will form part of what has been named the Ice District, which is set to be Canada’s largest mixed-use sports and entertainment area and will also feature a hotel and a public plaza.

“I can say it with a smile that this is, no question, going to be the best arena in the world," Nicholson said.

"It’s going to be so fan-friendly. 

"We have corridors at the top of the arena so people in the last row have the same access to the amenities as everyone else. 

"The VIP areas are sensational. 

"There are just so many different levels. 

"And the screen will be the biggest screen in the National Hockey League, it will go from blueline to blueline - the list just goes on and on.” 

The venue will be the new home of NHL outfit the Edmonton Oilers ©Getty Images
The venue will be the new home of NHL outfit the Edmonton Oilers ©Getty Images

Nicholson, who served as President and chief executive of Hockey Canada from 1998 to 2014, believes Rogers Place can become a "hotbed" for future major events, such as the IIHF World Championships.

Canada last staged the men's World Championships in 2008, where matches took place in Halifax and Québec City.

This year's women's competition was held in the North American nation, with Kamloops, located in British Columbia, providing the venue for the games.

"We want this to be hockey hotbed with an emphasis on international,” added Nicholson.

“We have a facility to do it, we have a winter garden that holds 3,500 to 4,000 people inside before they go into the building. 

"As soon as the ice district is built, we will have a plaza that holds 14,000 people. 

"So we can have 18,000 people outside the facility, while we pack 16,000-plus into the building. 

"For events, we just have so many great amenities with hotels and condos and restaurants all attached to the building itself.”