A pledge of support for Rio 2016 was given at today's ANOC Executive Council meeting in Lausanne ©Getty Images

"Complete support" has been expressed towards Rio 2016 organisers by the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) at its Executive Board meeting here today despite the catalogue of challenges overshadowing the final four months of build-up.

The organisation are now "looking forward with optimism to the months ahead which will see NOCs make final preparations for the Games".

Brazil is currently facing a raft of challenges with just four months to go until the Opening Ceremony, ranging from the impact of Zika virus to lingering construction concerns and Brazilian floundering economy and political climate.

Concerns have also been raised by NOCs in recent months, including in relation to concerns over the facilitating of accommodation and ticket sales.

But, like the International Olympic Committee (IOC), ANOC remain confident the Games will ultimately be successful.

"With just four months to go until Rio 2016, our NOCs are working hard to prepare their athletes for the Games," said ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah afterwards.

"We fully support the IOC President and the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and have no doubt that they will deliver a fantastic event where NOCs, athletes and fans will enjoy world-class competitions and a carnival atmosphere."

A unanimous decision was also made for ANOC senior vice-president Patrick Hickey to remain as the organisation's representative on the IOC Executive Board during the meeting.

Patrick Hickey was unanimously approved to remain as the ANOC representative on the IOC Executive Board ©Getty Images
Patrick Hickey was unanimously approved to remain as the ANOC representative on the IOC Executive Board ©Getty Images

The Olympic Council of Ireland President, also head of the European Olympic Committees, was first elected to the ruling IOC Board in 2012 and is up for re-election at August's IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro.

His reappointment must now be rubber stamped by the IOC membership at large.

Progress reports were also given from various ANOC Commissions and Working Groups as it looks to continue to develop reforms and initiatives for the benefit of the NOCs and the Olympic Movement.

This included from the Legal Commission and Modernisation and Follow Up Commission on their joint initiative to produce an ANOC Code of Ethics and Compliance Policy as part of an alleged commitment to good governance and transparency.

The two Commissions are currently refining the documents which will be presented to the ANOC General Assembly in Doha for approval later this year.

“At ANOC we will continue to work hard over the coming months to develop proposals and initiatives which will improve the support we provide our NOCs," added Sheikh Ahmad.

"As we heard today, the ANOC Commissions and Working Groups have been doing excellent work to try and identify projects which will bring real benefits to NOCs.

"During this difficult time for the international sports movement, it is vital that we continue to work together to promote good governance, ethics and the autonomy of sport in order to ensure a more transparent and sustainable future.”