Commonwealth Games England has announced they are searching for a lead partner for Gold Coast 2018 ©CGE

Commonwealth Games England (CGE) have announced they are seeking one company to be their lead partner in the build-up to Gold Coast 2018.

They have appointed consultancy firm Female Sports Group (FSG), who focus exclusively on female and mixed gender sports, to head up the process to find CGE’s Presenting Partner.

The company will be the main partner for CGE and will have the opportunity to align with the English team and support their initiatives before, during and after Gold Coast 2018.

“Team England at the Commonwealth Games is the best, most relevant and positive sports representation of England,” CGE chief executive Paul Blanchard said.

“Our team is diverse, inclusive, unique and very successful.

“It is a historic move for CGE to offer a brand the opportunity of being the first Presenting Partner of Team England and Female Sports Group is a key appointment for us.

“Their experience in delivering commercial supporters to sports organisations is strong and they fully understand the value that a partnership with Team England can bring to a brand.

“We look forward to working together.”

Commonwealth Games England are hoping a lead partner can help their better the results they achieved at Glasgow 2014
Commonwealth Games England are hoping a lead partner can help them achieve their target of repeating their performance at Glasgow 2014, where they finished top of the medals table, at Gold Coast 2018 ©Getty Images

Among the companies to partner with CGE for the Commonwealth Games in two years’ time are Shakespeare Martineau, who signed on as their first-ever official legal services partner in October.

CGE also extended their deal with British coach company National Express and appointed Australian firm STA Travel as their first travel partner for Gold Coast 2018.

The signing of the agreements came before Sydney 2000 Olympic hepathlon champion Denise Lewis was chosen as President of CGE at the end of 2015.

“Team England is a very attractive proposition for companies looking to associate themselves with England’s greatest team,” FSG chief executive John Postlethwaite said.  

“I am confident that brands will recognise the significance of the opportunity to support a truly inclusive team which represents everything that is great about England’s national identity and reflects the growing pride in England and being English.

“Team England is one of the nation’s consistent success stories and in offering, for the first time in its history, presenting rights it provides brands with a very exciting platform to share in this success.”

CGE are hoping the English team can replicate their performance at Glasgow 2014, where they topped the medal table for the first time since the event in Edinburgh in 1986, when they compete on Australian soil at Gold Coast 2018.