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Fisht Olympic Stadium

Polyurethane systems insulate metal piping for consistent thermal performance and longevity. Construction additives and anticorrosion industrial coatings help make the venue durable and long lasting.

Capacity: 40,000
Olympics: Opening, closing and medal ceremonies
Future use: Football stadium, multi-purpose sports and entertainment centre

Shayba Arena

Coatings solutions provide excellent adhesion, washability and durability of interior paints.

Capacity: 7,000
Olympics: Ice Hockey
Paralympics: Ice Sledge Hockey

Bolshoy Ice Dome

Heat transfer fluids are used for high-performance ice and air conditioning. Insulation keeps ice temperatures consistent. Polyurethane systems are used in stadium seating. Industrial coatings, construction additives, compounds for wire and cable, and glass bond adhesives ensure the venue will be used for years to come.

Capacity: 12,000
Olympics: Ice hockey
Paralympics: Ice sledge hockey
Future use: Multi-purpose sports, concerts and entertainment centre

Ice Cube Curling Centre

Construction additives contribute to improved workability and adhesion throughout the complex. Coating solutions protect metal.

Capacity: 3,000
Olympics: Curling
Paralympics: Wheelchair Curling
Future use: Trade and exhibition centre

Adler Arena Skating Centre

Insulation makes the skating surface energy efficient and reliable. Polyurethane systems make the metal pipe insulation high-performance and long lasting.

Capacity: 8,000
Olympics: Speed Skating
Future use: Trade and exhibition centre

Iceberg Skating Palace

Polyurethane pipe insulation creates consistent thermal performance and longevity. Water purification systems ensure high quality of ice. Glass bond adhesives provide strength and durability.

Capacity: 12,000
Olympics: Figure Skating, Short Track
Future use: Skating centre in another Russian city


Olympic Stadium

London’s Olympic Stadium is "wrapped" with fabric panels produced by Dow and made with Dow resins. Dow’s product was also included in the 5000 metres of the Olympic track. Roofing insulation materials from Dow offer moisture resistance and structural strength.

Olympics and Paralympics: Athletics and Ceremonies
Future use: Under tender – possibly a football club

Olympic Village

Insulation from Dow is used in the Olympic and Paralympic Village apartments to protect 17,000 athletes and officials from the elements.

Olympics and Paralympics: Home to the athletes and officials during their time at London 2012
Future use: Community and premium housing

Westfield Shopping Centre and Parking Deck

Insulation materials from Dow are helping to ensure long-term moisture resistance and durability of the Shopping Centre’s roof. Below, Dow insulation materials help ensure strength, durability and moisture resistance for a safer parking deck.

Olympics and Paralympics: Corporate hospitality, "Olympic Houses", media facilities, office space
Future use: Hospitality and "House" areas to be converted back to commercial office space for rent

Copper Box

High-strength insulation materials from Dow help meet high structural and energy efficiency demands for the handball structure’s inverted roof.

Olympics: Handball, Modern Pentathlon (Fencing)
Paralympics: Goalball
Future use: Multi-sport entertainment arena (community sports centre with concert staging)

International Broadcast Centre

Insulation systems from Dow help provide energy efficiency and structural moisture resistance to protect 20,000 media members and hundreds of thousands of visitors to these media hubs. Dow also provides materials in wire and cable that enable reliable and efficient transmission of the Olympic Games around the world, while simultaneously protecting the cables from damage.

Olympics and Paralympics: Electronic media (television and radio)
Future use: Cloud computing centre

Riverbank Arena

Resins from Dow help provide a durable, soft and safe field for the 380 athletes competing in more than 75 hockey matches during the Games.

Olympics: Hockey
Paralympics: 5-a-side and 7-a-side football
Future use: Not yet under tender – possibly hockey arena or football club

London 2012
Sochi 2014

Dow are involved in much at Sochi 2014 - right down to the cushions that Vladimir Putin sits on

By Nick Butler at the Bolshoy Arena in Sochi

The Bolshoy Arena is just one of many Sochi 2014 venues that Dow have been involved in ©Getty ImagesI am going to be honest. On my list of things I was most eagerly anticipating about Sochi 2014 - be it sport, being in Russia or mixing with the great and good of the Olympic Movement - the nitty-gritty world of chemistry and sustainability was not high on my agenda.

Dow helps mitigate Sochi 2014's entire direct carbon footprint

By Paul Osborne

The 2014 Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games are the first Games in history to entirely offset its direct carbon footprint ©Getty ImagesThe Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is the first in history to entirely mitigate the direct carbon footprint of its Organising Committee prior to the Opening Ceremony, according to Olympic partner Dow Chemical Company.

Dow planning "ground-breaking" advances to address emissions in Russia for Sochi 2014 Games

By Mike Rowbottom

Sochi 2014 logoThe Vancouver 2010 Games were the first with a solid programme toward carbon neutrality - and the plan for the next Winter Olympics, at Sochi, is to set the bar even higher.

Offsetters co-founder still seeking further gains after helping Vancouver 2010 become first carbon neutral Games

By Mike Rowbottom

Offsetters logoAs chief executive of Offsetters, the first official carbon offset supplier to an Olympic Games, you might expect Dr James Tansey to be gung-ho about his company's role in helping the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to become the first carbon neutral Games in history.

The key steps to a sustainable Olympic Games

By Russ Swan 

Vancouver 2010 Opening CeremonyIn addition to their sporting achievements, both of the last two Olympic Games – Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 – were marked by their emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

The final chapter on a sustainable London 2012

By Tom Degun

Cable car London 2012The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have already been hailed at the most sustainable in history but it was only this month that we essentially received the official confirmation.

How rowing is protecting the very thing it is reliant on – clean water

By Mike Rowbottom

rowing clean waterThe pristine mountain water lake in Bled, Slovenia, features centrally in a video highlighting a new environmental section on the World Rowing website.

Is this the future of the Olympic Village?

By Tom Degun

Dow invision homeIt is already well beyond doubt that London 2012 staged the most sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games in history. The key was putting sustainability at the heart of the Games from the very outset, from the construction of venues to the recycling of composite materials across the Olympic Park in Stratford.

How London 2012 lead the way in countering recycling problems

By Tom Degun

Oscar Pistorius of South Africa technology in sportIn the world of 21st century sport, technology is virtually everywhere and it is helping to move performance to levels that were almost unthinkable even 20 years ago.
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