Is this the future of the Olympic Village?

By Tom Degun

Dow invision homeIt is already well beyond doubt that London 2012 staged the most sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games in history. The key was putting sustainability at the heart of the Games from the very outset, from the construction of venues to the recycling of composite materials across the Olympic Park in Stratford.

How Coca-Cola helped make London 2012 the most sustainable Games of modern times

By Tom Degun

Coca-Cola London_2012_Worldwide_Olympic_partnerWorldwide Olympic Partner Coca-Cola knows more than most about the Olympic and Paralympics Games. After all, its association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) goes back more than 80 years, when it got involved in the Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games. The American multinational beverage corporation have been involved in every Olympics Games since. But in all those 80 years, perhaps its greatest achievement came at London 2012, as it contributed significantly to making those Games the most sustainable in history.

Why grass pitches are losing the turf war

By Russ Swan

baseball grass_21-09-12The phrase "a level playing field" has entered the English language as a metaphor for fairness in any competitive situation, whether giving schoolchildren an equal chance of scoring a good exam result, or making sure that elections to political office do not unfairly favour one candidate.