Lift The World is a documentary produced by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) which aims to make those who watch it never look at the sport the same way again.

The 50-minute film documents the hopes, aspirations and achievements of weightlifters of all ages across four continents.

It features children from Mexico, teenagers from Cameroon and Tunisia, and revealing at-home interviews with former world champion Dmitry Klokov of Russia and Lü Xiaojun of China.

It provides a chance to show weightlifting out of the context of major sporting events; as a way of life.

"We wanted to show the many different backgrounds of our heroes - the weightlifters of the world," said Lilla Rozgonyi, the IWF’s communication and marketing director.

"Capturing their emotions and roar of exultation, Lift The World presents weightlifting as a life path and gives an insight in how weightlifting can shape people’s lives."

Lift The World was shown for the first time to an audience of athletes, coaches, officials and journalists during the 2014 IWF World Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

"This could be a historical moment for us," said Tamás Aján, President of the IWF.

"This film can encourage more and more young people to take up weightlifting.

"The IWF Executive Board fully supports such initiatives; showing to the world weightlifting as a basic sport for other disciplines."