Ticketing for the 2023 World Athletics Championships 

The 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest will be the biggest sporting event in Hungary's history, with tickets and packages available for 14 sessions.

There will be nine evening sessions and five morning sessions with prices ranging from just $7 (£5.50/€6.30) to $56 (£44/€50), depending on what session it is and the location of the seat within the stadium.

There will be no charge for the marathon and race walking events which will take place on the streets of Budapest.

Special offers and discounts are available for families and group bookings.

Packages covering multiple sessions are also up for grabs.

Tickets can be bought online here.

Half-price tickets and packages for the World Championships are also available to anyone who joins the Heroes' Square Supporters' Club and takes part in any of the events in the Everyday Hero series or completes an individual challenge.

"2023 is the year of movement," said Balázs Németh, the Budapest 2023 chief executive.

Tickets for the World Championships start from just $7 ©Budapest 2023
Tickets for the World Championships start from just $7 ©Budapest 2023

"We want the World Athletics Championships to be not just about the superheroes who push the limits of human performance and break world records on the track, but also about the ordinary heroes who move regularly or even take up sport, such as running, as a result of the World Championships.

"Their encounter will be the miracle that everyone should see at the World Athletics Championships in August 2023."

Anyone can join the club and, after completing each event or individual challenge, they can buy four tickets or season tickets with a 50 per cent discount for the World Championships.

Each time a race is completed you can buy more tickets at a discount, meaning it's worth entering more than one race. 

Fans can get the discount for running just three kilometres.

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Tickets and legacy

The organisers of Budapest 2023 are not only aiming to stage the best World Athletics Championships ever, but they also want to promote sport, athletics and physical activity throughout Hungary.

The Organising Committee has introduced a Hungarian model of mobilising the whole country around the World Championships campaign, and is promoting not only the event but also athletics, sport and healthy living.

This unique model, never tried before at a World Championships, has been created to reach out to the whole country with key messages. 

As a result as many children as possible will have the opportunity to watch the superheroes of athletics at the World Championships in August.

The World Championships will be the first where anyone who plays sport can buy tickets at a discount.

"We are moving the country forward, that is our primary mission through the World Championships," said Németh.

"We are trying to reach out to everyone because we believe that seeing athletics superheroes compete live can change your life and make sport and health much more important in it."

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been reached by the Everyday Hero programme, which offers a 50 per cent discount on tickets to anyone who participates in selected recreational sporting events or does individual sport and provides proof of this on the ticketing website.

The brand new purpose-built National Athletics Centre where tickets and packages are available for 14 sessions ©Budapest 2023
The brand new purpose-built National Athletics Centre where tickets and packages are available for 14 sessions ©Budapest 2023

Several hundreds schools have signed up to the Sulihős (School hero) programme, also linked to the World Championships. 

These schools have pledged to make athletics the focus of physical education lessons and to organise athletics-related competitions, with a prize of 23 World Athletics Championships tickets allocated to each school.

Special programmes have been launched in cooperation with various charities and social organisations to ensure that, among other things, people in need can attend the World Championships. 

Thanks to these programmes 150,000 tickets were sold 150 days before the event started.

The event will have additional importance because it is invaluable for Hungary's national image, tourism and the Hungarian economy.

"Just as important, and a goal that goes far beyond the nine days of the World Championships, is to encourage more children to love sport, to get to know athletics, which is the basis of all sports, and to start living a healthy and sporty life," said Government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi.

Németh added: "The Sulihős programme is our heart and it has everything that makes a World Athletics Championships worthwhile. 

"We are moving the country, making children love athletics and inspiring everyone to play sport and live a healthier life through a fantastic sporting experience - this is our primary mission through the World Championships."

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