Collecting and Heritage News

8/4: Olympic Village Pins

It looks like each time an Olympic Park venue is finished, a pair of pins may be released. The first residential plot has been completed and two new Olympic Village pins were mentioned on the message board earlier this week.

4/4: Crowns Set - Update

The Crowns set that was to be available from today has been withdrawn temporarily. The price quoted originally was £50 for the framed set. However it appears that the sets that were made available today were actually in a deluxe frame which was to be available at a higher price than £50.

18/3: Stamp Pins Update

The Royal Mail Olympic Stamp pins arrived today, so here's an update.

As mentioned previously, each pin is presented with the matching stamp on a card. The stamp is held in a type of blister pack which exactly fits it, so the stamp does not move.

The card measures 8cm x 10cm and carries the London 2012 brand and logo. The top left of the card contains the name of the collection, the bottom left, the name of the sport and the bottom right the number of the pack in the series.

17/3: Coca Cola 500 Day To Go Pin

imageHere's a picture of the Coca Cola 500 day pin we mentioned a couple of days ago.

Seems like there are already a few on eBay. Some have sold for around £25/£30 and others are listed from £25 to £45 at the time of writing. We're trying to find out the issue size for this pin. Interestingly, this one does not have a London 2012 logo on it, but the back markings are consistent with the first pin.

16/3: Fake Pins

imageIn the last couple of days, 2 separate readers in 2 different countries have both sent us emails which they have received offering them London 2012 pins. These emails state they are offering official London pins but the emails did not come from Honav, the only official licensee who can maufacture retail pins.

15/3: 500 Day To Go Pins

imageThe only sponsor pins that came to light today were BT and Coca-Cola.

The BT one follows the style of their 1000 days and 2 year pins

No picture of the Coca-Cola one yet, but it is described as having the Olympic rings, a GB flag, a Coca-Cola bottle and '500 Days to Go'. Update soon we hope.

15/3: Ticketing Pin

imageSo, it's 500 days to go, you've just applied for your tickets, and wait!  Here's the opportunity for a pin...

A reader, Pippin, has said that when he made his ticket application, he got the chance to purchase a Ticketing pin.

No word on issue size but given the number of tickets that are available, we guess it's a big number!

13/3: Thomas Cook Pin

imageLooks like Thomas Cook have released a pin. It is a silver base with the Thomas Cook logo sandwiched between a blue Games logo and the Paralympic logo. The pin is 55mm wide by 28mm tall.

The pins are for staff only and will not be available to the public.

Photo reproduced with permission.

11/3: 500 DTG Pins Available from 9.00am on 12th March

A couple of days ago, there was a comment on our message board about being able to buy the 500 days to go pins in advance so that they could be worn on the day.


We're pleased to say that in direct response to that comment, we've been told that the sale date has been brought forward and the 500 days to go pins will be available for sale from 9am tomorrow morning - Saturday 12th March.

9/3: Mini Pin

Pin MINI0001No, not  a smaller version of another pin this time. But a pin of a Mini. 

Thanks to a reader for sending us the details. This pin was issued on 1st March to workers at the Cowley plant just outside Oxford where BMW produce the Mini, The pin shows a cream coloured car with an orange logo and the wording 'official partner'.

No word on the issue size.​​​​​​​​​​​​​