alt Raj Bhavsar (pictured), a member of the United States gymnastics team that won a bronze medal in last year's Olympics, wants to help the sport develop in India ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, he said.


Bhavsar was born in Houston, Texas but his mother and father are from Gujarat and he now wants to contribute something to the land of his parents.


He said: "I wanted to pursue the Olympics not only for myself but to be different and set a standard for Indian youth out in the United States.


"For me, I'm looking to give back."


The 28-year-old wants to work alongside India's gymnasts as they prepare for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and then try to help them qualify for the London 2012 Olympics.


Bhavsar said: "I can maybe help out on a consultant basis where I just come out and help coach the athletes and younger athletes, help them with some higher-level skills and even perform some of them.


"It is basically to just enjoy the experience with them and share what I've learned as an American athlete.


"I'm not even looking at any money. I came here as a humanitarian effort.


"If I can just get a smile on one of the kids' faces when I leave India, one thing I say changes their technique or they get inspired to do something different, then we are winners."


Bhavsar plans to make flying visits to India during the next few months and will stop by the national academy in the northern town of Allahabad.


He hopes other successful athletes of Indian descent would follow his lead.


He said: "I'm just hoping my decision kind of sets it up for others to help this country, not just in gymnastics but for other Olympic sports as well."


India's gymnastics federation look to be serious about taking the sport to a new level and have hired Russian-born American coach Vladimir Chertkov to take charge.


The Commonweath Games feature 17 sports and the hosts are under pressure to win medals across several disciplines.


Kan Singh Rathore, the secretary of the Indian gymnastics federation, said: "Our main requirement is experienced coaching .... the equipment is there and the Government is getting the latest for training for the Games."