Paris 2024: Olympic medal production unaffected by protests, National Mint said. GETTY IMAGES

The production of medals for the Paris Olympics is still on schedule, the French national mint has confirmed, despite protests and work stoppages in the French capital.

Paris has been the scene of several protests in recent months ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the latest being over the production of medals. Around 50 workers gathered outside the French national mint in central Paris on Monday, claiming that recent walkouts had "blocked the production" of medals needed for the Games, which begin on 26 July.

"The production of the medals has not been blocked. All the medals have been minted and we are in the final stages. We will deliver on schedule and on time," the Mint said in a statement. The protesting workers, represented by trade unions, are demanding an "Olympic bonus", which police officers or nurses receive for working during the Olympic and Paralympic months.

Despite calls for bonuses, the Mint's management has decided against such incentives and is currently negotiating annual pay rises for its 430-strong workforce. These employees are responsible for producing an estimated 5,000 medals in preparation for the upcoming Games.

The Paris 2024 medals will be made from recycled metal with a unique twist - each will feature a small hexagonal medallion carved from recycled metal sourced from the iconic Eiffel Tower. The design concept was curated by renowned French luxury jeweller Chaumet. It comes after the Mint refuted a report in January that it was struggling to find a suitable non-toxic coating for each medal.