Important meetings of AETF president with Kosovo NOC and ETU Presidents. AETF

On March 7, master Leonardo Oros Duek, President of the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation (AETF) made a historic visit to Kosovo. The primary purpose of this trip was to develop Taekwon-Do in the region. He was accompanied by Efraim Barak, General Counsel of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).

During their stay, a notable meeting took place with Ismet Krasniqi, President of the Kosovo Olympic Committee (Kosovo NOC). Master Oros Duek expressed his joy that ITF Taekwon-Do is taking its first steps in Kosovo. Additionally, he showcased the inclusivity and accessibility of ITF Taekwon-Do to all individuals illustrated in the book on Adapted Taekwon-Do, a special gift to the NOC president.

In addition to this crucial meeting, President Oros Duek met with Kosovo instructor Durim Lijak to discuss the future of ITF in the country. This conversation marks a significant step forward in strategic planning to strengthen the presence and impact of Taekwon-Do in Kosovo.

AETF President Leo Oros Duek (left) with KOSOVO NOC President Ismet Krasniqi. ITFTKD
AETF President Leo Oros Duek (left) with KOSOVO NOC President Ismet Krasniqi. ITFTKD

Master Oros Duek and Mr. Barak also visited Durim Lijak’s dojang, where they had the honour of greeting local athletes. These athletes had demonstrated their skill by winning medals in an open tournament in Albania a few days earlier. Master Oros Duek commended and congratulated them, recognizing them as the fundamental pillars of the emerging Taekwon-Do association in Kosovo. In Durim Lijak’s dojang, they also met with Master Niklas Enander from Sweden who is one of ITF’s tireless workers to develop ITF Taekwon-Do in several regions.

The next day, on March 8, Leo Oros Duek, was invited by the Secretary General of WT, Mr. Jeongkang Seo, to participate in the Pre Qualifying Championship for Paris 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria. This invitation held great importance for Master Oros Duek, as it included a para taekwondo competition, directed by director Olof Hansson.

During the event, Master Oros Duek had the honour of meeting the highest authorities of ETU, including Sakis Pragalos (President), Slavi Binev (Vice President), Fred Buitenhuis (Vice President), and Antonio Barbarino (Secretary General). The meeting was characterised by a cordial and productive lunch, where ideas and coincidences were shared among the parties.

AETF President was present at the press conference of the Taekwondo European Qualifiers. AETF
AETF President was present at the press conference of the Taekwondo European Qualifiers. AETF

During the press conference, President Sakis Pragalos made a very courteous gesture by inviting President Oros Duek to sit beside him for photos. This act undoubtedly marks a historic milestone for ETU and AETF, demonstrating an initiation of dialogue and collaboration between both organisations.

Subsequently to the lunch, Master Leonardo Oros Duek was escorted to the para taekwondo competition, where he could witness the development of the event. His prominent presence in this prequalifying championship reinforces AETF's commitment to the development and promotion of Adapted Taekwon-Do at the international and European levels specifically.

This report highlights the importance of exchange between the main taekwondo organisations worldwide, as well as the commitment of the AETF president to foster participation and growth of Adapted Taekwon-Do in internationally relevant events.