The European cycling championships have dates and locations. UEC

The Board of Directors of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme approved the UEC Junior European Indoor Cycling Championships for Germany in 2024 and Hungary in 2025, MTB Marathon in Spain in 2026, and UEC Gravel in Belgium in 2026.

The Board of Directors of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) approved the European Cycling Championships. This completes the UEC's  calendar for the upcoming year.

Mr. President of the Union Européene de Cyclisme, Enrico Della Casa, stated, "The awarding of these Championships completes the UEC's calendar of activities for the coming seasons, doing so with events that combine the tradition of cycling with youthful and dynamic vitality that reflects the constant evolution of our sport. Over the years, Indoor Cycling has maintained consistent interest and appeal, especially among young people in some countries, while MTB Marathon and Gravel have established themselves as rapidly growing disciplines, attracting not only world-class cyclists but also, and above all, enthusiasts of all ages who, thanks to the fusion of adventure and competition, can enjoy unforgettable experiences on less-traveled paths."

He also highlighted the work done by the Union he leads, stating: "This confirms the philosophy of the Union Européeene de Cyclisme to support and promote the diversity of cycling disciplines and innovations that characterize modern cycling. I want to thank the Presidents of the National Federations of Germany, Rudolf Scharping; Hungary, Péter Princzinger; Spain, José Luis López Cerrón; and Belgium, Tom van Damme, for their great availability and attention with which they have always supported our activity. My special thanks go to Golazo and its director Christophe Impens, whose professionalism and impeccable organization we have appreciated in recent seasons and who represent a true guarantee for the 2026 European Gravel Championship."

The newly confirmed championships:

2024 UEC Junior European Indoor Cycling Championship – Amorbach (Germany)

2025 UEC Junior European Indoor Cycling Championship – Dad (Hungary)

2026 UEC MTB Marathon European Championship – Ramales de la Victoria (Spain)

2026 UEC Gravel European Championship – Houffalize (Belgium)