German sport demands Olympic guarantees from government. © Getty Images

The state sports associations have called on the German government to make binding financial commitments for a German Olympic bid, increasing the pressure and demands on federal politicians.

At the general meeting of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, Jörg Ammon of the Bavarian BLSV expressed his "clear expectation" that the Federal Ministry of the Interior would sign a declaration of intent. 

In contrast to the cities interested in hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the BMI has not yet signed the 'Memorandum of Understanding'. 

DOSB President Thomas Weikert also increased the pressure on federal politicians. "Words alone are not enough. Only if sport and federal politics send out a joint and credible signal at an early stage that we want to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Germany, will we have a chance of convincing the population," said Weikert in Frankfurt. 

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, in favour of a German Olympic bid. © Getty Images
German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, in favour of a German Olympic bid. © Getty Images

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) had previously spoken in favour of a German bid for the Olympics, but without making any concrete promises. "The German government wants a strong and credible bid. And we will support the DOSB in this," said Faeser: "Shared responsibility also means a commitment to shared financial responsibility." 

The budget freeze currently prevents the German government from making any financial commitments for 2024. Following a unanimous vote by its members for the so-called Frankfurt Declarations, the DOSB intends to bid for the 2036 or 2040 Summer Games next year. The umbrella organisation for German sport had financed the previous dialogue process with the public from its reserves, and a bid is dependent on federal funding. 

In this sense, it should be remembered that Berlin has opened a process of dialogue with its citizens regarding a possible bid for the 2036 Summer Olympics, with meetings, forums, and the opportunity for everyone to express their ideas and feelings. The ultimate goal is for Berliners to play an active role if this option is eventually realised.