As part of the recent FISU General Assembly, the 8th FISU Gender Equality Awards were presented in Geneva. The annual Awards consist of the Gender Equality Project Award and the Gender Equality Champion Award. 

The Portuguese Academic Federation of University Sport (Federação Académica do Desporto Universitário, FADU) is the winner of the 2023 FISU Gender Equality Project Award. Their 'Challenge the Numbers' campaign was recognised for its aim to develop and encourage participation and growth in sport by promoting activities that focus on universality, integrity and merit. 

The campaign began in 2022 and will run for three sports seasons, concluding in 2024-2025. Podcasts, communication materials, and a special promotional campaign during three national university sports events were key elements of the project in the first year. In addition, during the Portugal University Games teams were required to have an equal number of men and women.

The Portuguese FADU, winner of the 2023 FISU Gender Equality Project Award. FISU
The Portuguese FADU, winner of the 2023 FISU Gender Equality Project Award. FISU

Ms. Samar Judah Mousa, Director of Athletics and Professor of Physical Education at Bethlehem University, has been named the 2023 FISU Champions for Gender Equality Champion. Nominated by Palestinian University Sports, no one in Palestine has done more for women's sport in general, and women's football in particular than Mousa. 

In addition to her role at Bethlehem University, she founded the first Palestinian women's football team, is the General Secretary of the Palestinian Tennis Association, and is a former member of the Palestinian Olympic Committee. 

The nomination highlighted her steadfastness in the face of various forms of oppression that restrict gender equality and individual freedom, and her commitment to gender equality in leadership in the region. 

The FISU Gender Equality Project Award was first presented in 2009 and the Equality Champion Award was more recently added in 2021. Nominations for the awards are made by FISU Member Federations and are presented every two years.