The Canadian Junior National Hockey Team Awaiting Court Proceeding. ©

The Independent Arbitration Tribunal, entrusted with the study of the case of the alleged violation of the Code of Conduct by the Canadian Junior National Hockey Team in 2018, has completed its work and issued a report.

This was in November 2022. Their task was to study and analyze the case to stipulate, if necessary, the sanctions the accused should face. The conclusions of the report have not been disclosed to avoid compromising the course of subsequent actions, as an appeal period now opens. Therefore, that hearing has concluded, and the panel has submitted its final adjudicative report to all parties involved. This appeals process is allowed by Hockey Canada's Investigation and Adjudication Procedure. Hockey Canada has always reiterated its full cooperation with the London Police Service during its investigation and has consistently committed to continuing to support the legal process. Pending the conclusion of the appeal process, as mentioned earlier, all players from the 2018 Junior National Team remain suspended by Hockey Canada and are currently ineligible to play, train, officiate, or volunteer in programs sanctioned by Hockey Canada.