Sweden 2030: Government to Support Bid for Winter Olympic Games© Getty Images

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Government are convinced of the importance that hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2030 would have for the tourism and sports industries. They will provide the necessary support and financial guarantees for Sweden's bid to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2030.

The Nordic country's government has informed the Swedish Olympic Committee, the Swedish Paralympic Committee, and the National Sports Federation of Sweden that it views the Swedish bid for the Olympics positively. This indicates that the government is ready to move to the next phase and examine the more detailed conditions for providing the necessary state assurances to conduct the Winter Games.

The Last Olympic Games in Beijing 2022- ©Getty Images
The Last Olympic Games in Beijing 2022- ©Getty Images

The possibility of holding the event within existing infrastructure will reinforce Sweden's state policies and international image regarding sustainability. This is significant not only for the economic benefits but also for enhancing the "Swedish brand" and tourism. The government is unequivocal: tourism, economy, image, sports, and sustainability converge in this singular event.

It is estimated that between 150,000 and 175,000 tourists would visit Sweden if the first Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were to take place after eight unsuccessful attempts to host (six of them consecutive, between 1984 and 2002). Government-commissioned studies also project that over one billion Swedish crowns (85 million euros) could be generated. It's worth noting that Sweden hosted the fifth Summer Olympic Games over a century ago in Stockholm (1912).

Sports Proposal and Venues:

It is considered to organise sports events in various locations across Sweden, not just in the capital, Stockholm. The major ice events would take place in Stockholm, while Nordic events would be in Falun, and snow disciplines in Åre and Östersund. For the Paralympic Games, the setup would be similar, except that Nordic events would be moved to Östersund.