Santiago 2023 officials have been angered by the use of the Pan American Games logo in a political campaign ©Getty Images

Organisers of the Pan American Games in Santiago have announced that they will take legal action against the use of their brand in a political campaign promoting Constitutional changes in Chile.

A video has emerged on social media asking people to vote in favour of the proposed new Constitution which is set to be voted on at a referendum on December 17.

The 40-second clip has sparked anger among Santiago 2023 officials as it features the logo for the Games which are currently taking place in the Chilean capital.

Santiago 2023 has issued a statement claiming that the video uses the "brand and graphic elements that are protected by intellectual property rights" and has now filed a legal complaint.

"In the video there is a misuse of the image of the Games, since it promotes ideas and speeches that have absolutely no relationship with the sporting spirit of the continental event," said Enrique Mendoza, legal director for Santiago 2023.

Law firm Santa Cruz IP has been tasked by Santiago 2023 to take legal action against those responsible for the video.

Santiago 2023 claimed the use of the logo in the video also "harms" the Chilean Olympic Committee and the country's National Sports Institute.

"We will ask that an investigation be carried out on who uploaded the record to the social network X," said lawyer Maximiliano Santa Cruz.

"The video damages the reputational image of the Santiago 2023 Corporation and the Games, since it has no relationship with values such as the promotion of high-performance sports."

Santiago 2023 executive director Harold Mayne-Nicholls added: "The symbol and brand of the Games is registered and cannot be used by anyone, except in the shameful way they are doing it.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric is urging citizens to get behind the proposed new Constitution ©Getty Images
Chilean President Gabriel Boric is urging citizens to get behind the proposed new Constitution ©Getty Images

"We are not going to allow that because our image is being misused."

It will be the second time a constitution referendum has been staged in Chile in a little more than one year.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric wants to replace the current Constitution which was written in 1980 during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

The setting up of a national healthcare system, guaranteed adequate housing rights and commitments to address the climate crisis were among the pledges in a new Constitution that was put to a public vote in September last year.

But Chilean voters overwhelmingly rejected the move, with 61.9 per cent voting against compared to 38.1 per cent in favour.

Chile is staging the Pan American Games for the first time, with competition starting yesterday and set to run until November 5.