A panel of German experts are expected to consider the prospects of an Olympic bid in the first of a series of online events this week ©DOSB

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) will this week launch a series of online discussions which officials hope will help boost a future German Olympic bid.

The online launch is set for tomorrow (August 10) with a discussion entitled "Your Planet, Your Climate, Your Games."

"There are 84 million pros and cons to a prospective German Olympic bid," a discussion site established by the DOSB has claimed. 

"We want to discuss them with you."

"In the specialist talks, the social issues that concern people around the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Germany are discussed," DOSB Olympic applications head Stephan Brause said.

"In open, controversial and constructive discussions, as many arguments as possible should be discussed that speak for and possibly also against a renewed German application."

The discussions are to be streamed online every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of September.

The first, scheduled for Thursday (August 10), asks the question "How should the world's largest sporting event be designed to be as climate-friendly as possible?"

The DOSB have set up their own site to discuss an Olympic and Paralympic bid ©DOSB
The DOSB have set up their own site to discuss an Olympic and Paralympic bid ©DOSB

The panel is also set to consider "What is the real status of sport's contribution to sustainability? Can sport serve as an engine for change or is it lagging behind?"

Five experts lined up for the first discussion include Sport for Future chairman Stefan Wagner.

Green Party Federal Working Group (BAG) spokeswoman Thea-Helene Gieroska has also signed up to take part.

"The Olympic Games must meet all the criteria of ecological sustainability and we have the necessary know-how in Germany," Gieroska insisted.

The panel also includes Philip Erbers, Board member of the Aachen Equestrian Club which stages an annual international jumping event.

He is set to explain what Aachen has done to transform its competition into a "green" event.

Professor Ralf Roth from the German Sport University Cologne is expected to demonstrate how a German Olympic bid could take shape.

"A German Olympic bid only has a chance if Olympic and Paralympic Games are consistently linked with the social transformation fields of climate protection and resource conservation," Roth claimed.

In 2022, Munich staged the European Championships, 50 years after it last hosted the Olympic Games ©Getty Images
In 2022, Munich staged the European Championships, 50 years after it last hosted the Olympic Games ©Getty Images

Munich Olympic Park managing director Marion Schöne is also scheduled as a participant.

The Olympic Games have not taken place on German soil since they were held in Munich 51 years ago.

"We can create climate-neutral sporting events if all players pull together and we don't forget that every step towards the goal counts," Schöne declared.

Germany is set to host the 2024 UEFA European Championships and Rhine-Ruhr has only this week received the handover flag for the International University Sports Federation (FISU) World University Games for 2025. 

Six previous attempts to return the Olympics to Germany since 1972 have all proved abortive.

The results of the online dialogue sessions are set to be presented at the DOSB General Assembly on December 2.

At the DOSB General Assembly last year, delegates approved a future Olympic bid.

They are understood to be looking at a potential bid for the 2036 or 2040 Olympics or Winter Games in 2038 or 2042.

Some ten other cities are already understood to have expressed an interest in 2036.

A 2036 Games might also prove symbolically difficult for Germany as it would mark the 100th anniversary of the infamous Berlin 1936 Games held under the gaze of Hitler.