Liang Wenbo has been banned for life by the CBSA ©Getty Images

The Chinese Billiards and Snooker Association (CBSA) has banned Liang Wenbo and Li Hang from any snooker or cue sport tournament in China for life after their involvement in a match-fixing scandal.

The punishment follows on from the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association's ruling (WPBSA) on ten players, including Liang and Li.

The pair were also banned for life by the global governing body in addition to a £43,000 ($55,000/€50,000) fine each.

They were charged with match-fixing, coercion, and a cover up attempt.

Although lengthy suspensions were also handed out to the remaining eight players by the WPBSA, the CBSA has decided to take a more severe approach.

Masters champion Yan Bingtao could return under WPBSA in late 2027 after his sentence was reduced by more than two years following an early admission of guilt.

However, under CSBA ruling he may not play again in China until May 2030.

The organisation has taken the stricter stance to deter others as much as possible from doing the same.

Liang Wenbo was also given a life ban by the WPBSA for his leading role in a match-fixing scandal ©Getty Images
Liang Wenbo was also given a life ban by the WPBSA for his leading role in a match-fixing scandal ©Getty Images

Lu Ning has been suspended for eight years in mainland China until December 2030.

Chen Zifan receives a five-year ban while Zhang Jiankang and Bai Langning will be out of the sport for four years and five months, and four years respectively.

Zhao Xintong, Zhao Jianbo, and Chang Bingyu then have the shortest suspensions ranging from two years to two years and four months. 

Ringleaders Liang and Li were suspended by the WPBSA in October and December 2022, respectively.

It was then found that in addition to fixing matches, they had approached others to fix, attempted to obstruct the governing body's investigation, and failed to cooperate with it.

Liang is a two-time Asian Games team gold medallist and also took singles silver at the Cali 2013 World Games.

The 36-year-old was also suspended by the WPBSA in April 2022 for four months following a domestic assault conviction.

Li's career zenith came in 2019 when he reached a high of 28th in the snooker world rankings.