IMMAF announced the first group of athletes to take part in the RTP ©Getty Images

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) will be hosting an Anti-Doping Registered Testing Pool (RTP), where a group of athletes will be subject to out-of-competition tests, it has been announced.

The athletes registered to the programme are Magomed Sheikhov of Bahrain, Movsar Ibragimov of Belgium, Ammar Mazri of France, Jovidon Mahmudov of Tajikistan and Munis Muminjonov of Uzbekistan. 

The athletes will be responsible for providing information of their location in the  Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS).

ADAMS is a platform managed by the World Anti-Doping Agency that supports clean sport by simplifying daily activities of all the athletes involved in anti-doping programmes.

Sophie Mueller, the anti-doping manager, spoke on the importance of the RTP.

There will be five athletes taking part in the RTP ©Getty Images
There will be five athletes taking part in the RTP ©Getty Images

"The RTP includes IMMAF’s top elite athletes in each weight category," she said.

"We work closely with the RTP athletes to continuously educate, monitor and review on a regular basis. 

"We cooperate with the athlete’s national federation to ensure all requirements and deadlines are met and to build up the national federation’s Anti-Doping program. 

"Our athletes have the responsibility to protect the integrity of MMA, and providing whereabouts in ADAMS is about protecting the athlete’s right to clean sport. 

"We believe in building IMMAF’s future on Clean MMA."