The IOC has refuted the IBA's letter that criticised its governance ©Getty Images

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has written to the International Boxing Association (IBA) rebutting the latter's communication earlier this week which expressed "deep concerns regarding basic IOC governance, impartiality, and transparency principles".

The IBA, which is led by Russian Umar Kremlev, threatened legal action against the IOC after it invitated competition officials to serve at qualifying tournaments for next year's Olympics in Paris and the Games' boxing event itself.

The IBA letter was discussed on the second day of the IOC's Executive Board meeting and shared with its National Olympic Committees.

"The allegations contained in your letter, in particular those relating to the integrity of the process, are generally refuted," IOC spokesman Mark Adams, on behalf of the Executive Board, said reading the IOC letter to the IBA.

"Following their discussions today, the IOC Executive Board decided the following pursuant to the Olympic Charter, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President delegate to the IOC director general and the IOC chief ethics and compliance officer.

"One to analyse all the elements available, particularly the experts report to determine whether there are still major concerns regarding the IBA's practice and activities pursuant to the Olympic Charter to take the following actions: A - Notify the IBA on the points of potential non-compliance in the IBA's right to be heard in writing.

"B - prepare a report regarding the IBA's practice on the basis of all available elements including the expert's report and IBA responses to be presented at a next IOC Executive Board meeting.

"As per the delegation of powers mentioned above, we will revert to you in due time."

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams stated that if the IBA is at risk of showing
IOC spokesperson Mark Adams stated that if the IBA is at risk of showing "that they have no interest in a fair competition and fair qualification at the Olympic Games ©Getty Images

The correspondence represents the latest in the long-running feud between the two organisations which has seen the IBA's place on the Olympic programme put in jeopardy.

The IOC is set to manage the sport at Paris 2024 for the second consecutive Games due to ongoing concerns with the IBA's governance.

It's Olympic status for Los Angeles 2028 is still a topic of debate but the IOC has sent out multiple warnings that the IBA is at risk of being excluded.

The IBA today praised boxing athletes and coaches that protested today outside of the IOC headquarters in Lausanne.

The governing body insisted that, while it has not organised the demonstrations, it has welcomed the support.

In response to the IOC inviting IBA officials to adjudicate its Olympic qualification competitions, the IBA said it will "reserve all rights to seek redress before the competent court".

"If they [IBA] really want to push ahead with what is contained in that letter, it would show that they have no interest in a fair competition and fair qualification for the Olympic Games," Adams said.

"The IOC can only accept a sport in the Olympic Games where there has been a full and fair qualification process.

"It is the IOC which is in charge of the qualification process for boxing at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

"To make it clear - the IOC does not have a problem with the sport of boxing itself, nor with the boxers, but there are problems with this suspended federation."

"If the IBA pushes ahead with these proposals it will have quite some consequences."

The IOC has warned of
The IOC has warned of "consequences" if the IBA decides to go ahead with its threatened legal action ©Getty Images

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