Pichilemu's Mayor Cristian Pozo speaks at the surfing venue for the 2023 Pan American Games where a countdown clock has been unveiled ©Santiago 2023

A clock has been installed in Pichilemu, the surfing venue for this year's Pan American Games in Santiago, counting down the days until the event begins.

Three hours south-west of Chile's capital city, Pichilemu is scheduled to hold the sport at Punta de Lobos beach.

Surfing is scheduled to be held from October 23 to 30 for the Games.

Chilean Minister of Sports, Antonia Illanes attended a sports event down at the beach as a prelude to the countdown clock unveiling, along with regional presidential delegate, Fabio López, the Mayor of Pichilemu Cristian Pozo and the executive director of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, Gianna Cunazza.

Surfers from the regional were present too and free sports activities were available for the public.

During the ceremony, Illanes emphasised the importance of organising the Pan American Games. 

Chile's Sports Minister Antonia Illanes was one of the delegates to attend the event ©Santiago 2023
Chile's Sports Minister Antonia Illanes was one of the delegates to attend the event ©Santiago 2023

"Chile, which is a country of sea and mountains, today looks to the sea again to compete here in Pichilemu, a privileged place due to nature, a discipline that is growing in followers both in Chile and in the world," said Illanes.

"In a few months the most important surfers on the planet will be here and where not only the capacity of our representatives can be tested, but also the organisational capacity of the Santiago 2023 Corporation together with the national, regional and local authorities.2

Chile's President Gabriel Boric mentioned the necessity to bring events outside of the capital city and into the O'Higgins Region, one of the country's 16 first order administrative divisions.

"Once again Chilean sports embrace Pichilemu, this time in the biggest sporting event the country has experienced in its history," said Boric.

"The holding of the Pan American Games has been decentralised for the first time and this is a great effort that we hope will continue to be carried out in other events that are organised in the country."

Some activities held on the beach included yoga, body activation, beach soccer and dance.