World Aquatics executive director Brent Nowicki said of the rebrand that he "didn't really appreciate how warmly it would be received" ©World Aquatics

World Aquatics executive director Brent Nowicki believes that the process that led to the governing body's rebrand is "how we need to approach the majority of our decisions".

Last month, National Federations voted by 175 votes to four at an Extraordinary General Congress to re-name the organisation from the International Swimming Federation and its acronym FINA to World Aquatics.

Speaking to insidethegames at the launch of a new partnership with the Bahrain Olympic Committee and GFH Financial Group, American official Nowicki said that World Aquatics was pleased with the reaction to the rebrand.

"It's obviously been very warmly received by our community," he said.

"We really wanted to go to a digital brand, so everything about the design of it and the implementation of it was geared towards it being digitally enhancive.

"What was really important for us was to find something that we could really integrate with our National Federations.

"I have to say, when we first got the schematics and the drawings back with the integration of our 209 National Federations, we were really excited about it.

"I speak for myself, but I didn't really appreciate how warmly it would be received by our National Federations, but I think this has been a trial and a lesson that applies to all things in our business that we do."

Brent Nowicki claimed that World Aquatics' rebrand had been a
Brent Nowicki claimed that World Aquatics' rebrand had been a "success" as a "result of the collaboration" ©World Aquatics

American digital marketing firm Martin Group was tasked with coming up with the rebranding of the organisation, and a series of different names were presented for feedback.

Nowicki argued that the consultation with athletes, coaches, National Federations and fans is something World Aquatics needs to build on moving forward under the new brand.

"The integration of our family, the integration of our athletes, our coaches, our volunteers, our fans, our National Federations is so important, and I think this little exercise of going through variations of our brand and our new mark is really indicative of how we need to approach the majority of our decisions," he said.

"Because the integration process was so positively received, I think the success of the new name and the new brand and integration is really a result of the collaboration with our stakeholders.

"I think if we can now apply that to a lot of other decisions, we will get the same feedback.

"If we take that, it will take care of us, and I think that collaboration has been remarkable, very well received and certainly a pleasant surprise for me."

In addition to the renaming of the governing body, World Aquatics launched a new logo and approved a new Constitution which includes increasing the number of female Bureau members and introducing term and age limits for the President.