FAMMA has newly certified 23 coaches following an IMMAF trainer course in the country ©IMMAF

The Angolan Mixed Martial Arts Federation (FAMMA) has had 23 youth coaches certified following the hosting of a level one International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) trainer course.

The event lasted for two days and was led by IMMAF director of development Andrew Moshanov and it is seen as a significant milestone for FAMMA two years after its formation.

"Since the president of the Angolan MMA Federation, Armando Carlos Diogo, announced that we would be hosting a coaching course, all the coaches were excited because it will help to improve the Angolan MMA coaches level," said FAMMA general secretary José Manuel Gomes.

"In other words, upgrading the Angolan level to a higher level.

"Having Andrew in Angola was a huge pleasure and honour.

"His teachings will be of relevance to our commitment to the continuous formation of the children's and youth classes.

"Gradually introducing them to the IMMAF international training program, thereby giving them the possibility in the future to choose whether they want to continue as professional athletes, coaches or referees."

Earlier this year, Angola made its first appearance at an IMMAF event when it finished second in the 2022 Africa Championships medal table.

This was followed by the country sending a delegation to the IMMAF Youth World Championships.

FAMMA is taking strides to develop the sport domestically as it has eleven accredited promoters and recently held its first National Championships.

There is also work being done on a community level through the "DBC Evolving Crime Zero" project.

The programme was designed to re-educate and reintegrate young people into society through the discipline of martial arts and hip-hop and was founded by FAMMA President Armando Carlos Diogo.