FIFA will launch the Legal Portal to modernise its regulatory framework ©Getty Images

FIFA is set to launch the FIFA Legal Portal, an online platform through which proceedings before the FIFA Football Tribunal and judicial bodies will be held as of May 1.

The new platform is to add to the football governing body’s commitment to modernising its regulatory framework.

"FIFA is continuing to modernise and streamline the proceedings before its decision-making and judicial bodies in order to facilitate the filing and management of claims, while at the same time ensuring the transparency and traceability of proceedings for all football stakeholders" FIFA said.

All stakeholders including players, clubs, associations, intermediaries and law firms with a power of attorney, can make use of the platform to lodge a claim with the responsible FIFA judicial body and will eventually replace the current email communication system followed.

This means that all notifications regarding communications, submissions, decisions and other documents will happen through FIFA Legal Portal, making it "simple, secure and transparent".

FIFA claims the platform will lead to a "better understanding of the proceedings" and "heightened traceability".

The online space will also help users to report conduct considered incompatible with FIFA regulations, adding to the whistle-blower platform already in place.  

Following a transitional period, all proceedings before the FIFA Football Tribunal and FIFA judicial bodies will exclusively happen trough the portal.

FIFA has provided a manual with further information on the portal to make things clear for the user.