Austrian Paralympic medallists, including Veronika, right, and Elisabeth Aigner were rewarded for achievements at Beijing 2022 ©Getty Images

The Austrian Paralympic Committee (ÖPC) has recognised the achievements of its athletes at the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games, winning funding and receiving awards for winning medals.

Taking place at the Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA) headquarters in Vienna, the ceremony saw the ÖPC pay out €162,500 (£137,000/$174,000) to medallists.

Veronika Aigner, and her twin siblings Johannes and Barbara Aigner were present, as was guide Klara Sykora and standing Alpine skier Markus Salcher.

Only Carina Edlinger - the women's cross-country skiing visually-impaired champion - was absent.

AUVA director general and ÖPC vice-president Alexander Bernat invited the athletes to Wienerberg to hand over cheques.

"Gold, silver, bronze - and multiple times," said Bernat.

"You inspired Austria with your achievements and also triggered a small Paralympics hype in the AUVA. 

"Nice that you are with us today."

ÖPC President Maria Rauch-Kallat was present at the ceremony too ©Getty Images
ÖPC President Maria Rauch-Kallat was present at the ceremony too ©Getty Images

ÖPC President Maria Rauch-Kallat, vice-president Hermann Krist, secretary general Petra Huber and finance officer Christoph Schäffer were also in attendance.

"You gave us an incredibly difficult task: you were too successful in Beijing," added Rauch-Kallat.

"We hadn't budgeted for that much money, but we have a unanimous Board resolution that we can cut back on our budget to make that happen. 

"We are convinced that you can use the money well for your sporting development."

A total of €12,000 (£10,100/$12,900) is given to gold medallists, €10,000 (£8,400/$10,700) for silver medallists and €8,000 (£6,700/$8,600) for bronze medallists.

Johannes Aigner took the highest sum of money thanks to his two golds, two silvers and one bronze medal at Beijing 2022 in the men's visually-impaired Alpine skiing events.

His sister Veronika Aigner took two gold medals, while Barbara Aigner took one silver and one bronze.

The absent Edlinger won one gold and one bronze, while Salcher was a double silver medallist.