AIBA has delayed the Women’s World Boxing Championships by three months ©AIBA

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has delayed its Women’s World Boxing Championships from December until March, blaming the coronavirus crisis and resulting restrictions in place across the globe.

AIBA claimed in a statement confirming the postponement that "the feedback received is that too many National Federations are facing difficult situations and restrictions within their countries.

"Due to this AIBA Board of Directors in consensus the Turkish National Federation has decided to postpone the Women’s World Championships to March 2022."

Istanbul had been due to stage the event between December 6 and 19.

The Turkish city was only confirmed as host of the World Championships at the start of last month, when AIBA President Umar Kremlev visited Istanbul.

But Kremlev last week said postponement was possible, and promised consultation with National Federations before a firm decision was taken.

Ulan-Ude in Russia hosted the last Women's World Boxing Championships in 2019 ©AIBA
Ulan-Ude in Russia hosted the last Women's World Boxing Championships in 2019 ©AIBA

Postponement of the event will be a blow to women's boxers, who have not been able to compete at a World Championships since October 2019, when Ulan-Ude in Russia played host.

Some will have taken part at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but the boxing tournament there was run by the International Olympic Committee Boxing Task Force, with AIBA's Olympic recognition currently suspended.

Fewer weight categories are contested at the Olympics.

AIBA's Men's World Boxing Championships concluded on Saturday (November 6) in Serbian capital Belgrade.

"We are aware that some teams have already started preparations for this event and will be disappointed," AIBA President Kremlev acknowledged.

"However, the safety and wellbeing of our athletes, officials and other stakeholders is priority, and therefore we cannot take the risk to proceed with the event."