Solomon Islands is receiving assistance from ONOC with sports development officers ©Getty Images

The Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) is to assist the organisers of the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games by appointing sports development officers in 10 sports.

Pacific Games Council (PGC) chief executive Andrew Minogue said it would be ONOC and the Organisation of Sports Federations of Oceania's contribution to the legacy of the sport.

The Pacific Games were postponed from July to November 2023 as organisers needed more time to prepare for the event.

Officials in Honiara expressed concerns that if the event was held as planned in July, there would not be enough time to run test events and have venues fully operational.

Financial concerns have also been linked to the next edition of the competition.

"To assist them with some of the development work, that they need to lead up for the Games, we have suggested the appointment of sports development officers who will work quite closely with Oceania Federations in seeking the interest to work together to further their sport for athletes and entourage development," said Minogue.

"But also to help train technical officials who will be able to officiate at the Games and in return reduce costs to the Solomon Islands who won't need to pay for overseas consultants."

Judo is one of 10 sports to benefit from a development officer ©Getty Images
Judo is one of 10 sports to benefit from a development officer ©Getty Images

It is expected that this programme will be launched in the next few weeks after discussions with National Federations.

Sports development officers are to be appointed in judo, basketball, football, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball, karate, netball and powerlifting.

On November 6 at the PGC General Assembly, a presentation on the initiative is set to take place.

Minogue also thanked ONOC for support for the programme.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Luke Forau previously asked the national Government to strictly manage its budget for the Games to avoid rising debt.

The Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games are scheduled to take place from November 19 to December 2 2023.