A working group has been set up by WADA to carry out a consultation process with stakeholders as part of its ongoing governance review ©Getty Images

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is due to start the second consultation phase of its governance review as it continues to gauge the views of stakeholders over reforms.

A working group, made up of seven governance experts, including two athletes, is set to hold virtual and in-person meetings with stakeholders from Swiss city Lausanne on October 19.

More than 2,000 comments from 77 different organisations were received when the group carried out the first phase of the consolation process in February.

Following the feedback from the online survey, the group submitted two interim reports to WADA’s Executive Committee in May and September.

The working group is now set to complete the assessment with a second phase of stakeholder consultation.

The feedback will then be reviewed and the findings presented to the Executive Committee and Board at a meeting on November 24 and 25 in French capital Paris.

The WADA Congress in 2018 recommended 70 governance reforms, which were aimed at ensuring the organisation’s administration remains fit for purpose.

In November 2020, WADA’s Executive Committee approved the launch of a working group, led by Professor Ulrich Hass.

WADA, led by Witold Bańka, is aiming to add five athletes to its Athlete Committee ©Getty Images
WADA, led by Witold Bańka, is aiming to add five athletes to its Athlete Committee ©Getty Images

The group has been tasked with assessing WADA’s implementation of the agency’s ongoing reforms that were approved by its Foundation Board in November 2018 and considering further changes in a bid to improve its governance.

A United States Office of National Drug Control Policy report on WADA governance, highlighting 10 challenges facing the organisation, was published along with a finding threat in May.

Despite the ONDCP noting WADA has "already shown a willingness" to reform, the Government agency said it wanted to see "real progress and a path for more substantial future reforms" before making a funding decision.

The United States is due to pay $2.9 million (£2.2 million/€2.5 million) to WADA in 2021 - more than any other country.

As part of the governance review process, WADA is looking to fill 17 vacancies across its four standing committees which are expected to play a key advisory role in policy and priority development for the agency.

There are four positions available in the Education Committee, Finance and Administration Committee and Health, Medical and Research Committee.

WADA is also attempting to add five members to the Athlete Committee with two of those set to be filled by athletes who sit on the agency’s Foundation Board.

The deadline for applications has been set at October 1.

Successful candidates are due to be approved by WADA’s Executive Committee before taking office on three-year terms from January 1 in 2022.