The Tokyo Marathon has been postponed to 2022 ©Getty Images

Plans for the 2021 Tokyo Marathon have been put on hold due to COVID-19, as the Japanese capital remains in a state of emergency with just a month to go.

The decision was made by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation along with the COVID-19 Countermeasure and COVID-19 Investigative Committees, citing difficulties forecasting the trend of the virus and restrictions on mobility.

Instead of being scheduled for October 17, the event is now set to take place on March 6 2022.

All related events such as the Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2021, Tokyo Marathon Friendship Run and the Tokyo Marathon Family Run have been moved to March 2022.

It means the 2022 edition of the Tokyo Marathon will be cancelled, as it was scheduled to also take place on March 6.

Despite it taking place in 2022, the March 6 marathon will use the 2021 title.

Those with entries to the 2022 marathon will have details with them soon.

"We have been preparing to deliver an enjoyable event while ensuring safety, not only of our runners but of each and every individual involved in the event," said Tokyo Marathon race director Tad Hayano.

"Until the last possible moment, we have explored various ways of delivering the event in October, however, in consideration of the current status of the outbreak, we have made a regrettable decision to postpone the 2021 event and give up on the 2022 event.

"I would like to sincerely apologize not only to our runners and volunteers, but to everyone who has been looking forward to our event.

The 2022 edition of the Tokyo Marathon has been cancelled to accommodate the 2021 edition in March ©Getty Images
The 2022 edition of the Tokyo Marathon has been cancelled to accommodate the 2021 edition in March ©Getty Images

"We hope for the pandemic to end soon.

"Until we reach the light at the end of the tunnel, our entire team will continue to work hard. 

"Like the Tokyo Marathon slogan says, 'The Day We Unite', we look forward to the day we can meet."

Major marathons have been affected heavily during the pandemic.

Boston, Berlin, Chicago and New York Marathons were all cancelled in 2020 due to the virus, while Tokyo and London held events for elite racers only.

Spring marathons in 2021 were pushed back to the end of the year and the other five World Marathon Majors are still to go ahead.

First of these is set to be the Berlin Marathon on September 26, followed by London on October 3 and the Chicago and Boston Marathons on the same weekends on October 10 and 11.

The last of these still scheduled is the New York Marathon, set to take place on November 7.