Beth Moulam has paid tribute to mother Liz as part of a Boccia England campaign ©Boccia England

Boccia athletes in England have celebrated their mothers, speaking about how their support helped them to take up or continue the sport, as part of a Mother's Day tribute.

Boccia England compiled a series of submissions from athletes about their mothers, detailing how they helped them to achieve success in the sport.

"When I left for residential college at 18, my boccia career fell away and I lost my place on the England squad," said BC3 athlete Lee Maddison.

"My Mam took the reins and built me back up by becoming my on-court assistant.

"Together, we medalled at our first competition."

Maddison went on to be re-selected for the England team.

Cassandra Turk, mother to boccia player Cecilia Turk, has stayed in the sport not just as a spectator but also forged a path as a well-respected boccia official.

"In my heart, I am with Ce every step of the way," said Turk.

"I am immensely proud of what she has achieved as an athlete, especially that she is still as committed as the day she aspired to win her first medal."

BC2 England squad member James Clowes praised his mother for her assistance in competition and training, nutrition guidance and offering first aid at events.

"My mum has assisted me for my whole career," said Clowes.

"She knows what I need in terms of warm up, nutrition and hydration and can anticipate what I require after a training session and a match.

"Mum is also a registered nurse, which has come in very helpful in a lot of occasions at boccia for both myself and my team mates."

BC3 athlete Beth Moulam discussed her mother creating a club in the local area as there were no clubs within travelling distance. 

Now Moulam looks set to represent Britain at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

"We want to celebrate Mothering Sunday by recognising the vital role that mums play in the lives of our boccia players," said Boccia England chief executive Chris Ratcliffe.

"Reading these stories, I am in awe of how much more our boccia mums do to ensure that their sons and daughters get the best out of playing boccia.

"It is wonderful that our players want to join us to celebrate and thank every mum out there for making a huge difference in our lives."

Having won four gold, five silver and three bronze medals at the Paralympics in boccia, Britain sit sixth on the all-time medals table in the sport.