Doha 2030 has held a round of virtual workshops ahead of the OCA hosting the vote later this month ©OCA

The organisers of the Doha 2030 bid for the Asian Games have held regional virtual workshops with National Olympic Committees (NOCs), to demonstrate to nations what they intend to offer in 10 years' time.

The workshops were set-up to allow the opportunity for discussions with NOCs, who were asked to give their feedback and input. 

Due to differing time zones, discussions were held across three workshops which covered the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) zones of East Asia and South East Asia, South and Central Asia and West Asia.

The workshops were facilitated by Doha 2030 chairman Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al-Thani.

His team provided a summary of how the Qatari capital's bid would provide sustainability, while he guaranteed to NOCs that they would be treated to "the very best conditions and a welcoming, inclusive environment".

Doha 2030 is going head-to-head for the Games against geopolitical rival Saudi Arabia, which has put forward capital Riyadh.

Both the Saudi Arabian and Qatari bids have attracted controversy for the nations' human rights records while their hot climates will be another factor.

During the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, marathon events were forced to go ahead in the middle of the night to mitigate dangerous temperatures during the day.

Doha has promised to use the legacy of the 2006 Asian Games it hosted to provide programmes for Asian nations for further development.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with our Asian NOC colleagues and friends and have a two-way conversation about our bid," said Sheikh Joaan.

"At Doha 2030 we are committed to incorporating the feedback of the NOC family into our plans, every step of the way.

"These workshops are just the latest example of that and are a chance to hear NOC feedback before our final presentation in Oman.

"If we have the honour of being awarded the Asian Games this process of collaboration will of course continue through and beyond 2030.

"As we have always made clear, our ambition is for Doha 2030 to unite Asian NOCs and celebrate our continent's wonderful diversity.

"We are stronger when we are together and when we support and respect each other."

The host city for 2030 is set to be elected in Muscat in Oman, at the OCA General Assembly on December 16.

Saudi Arabia has never hosted the Games before.