The Cape Verde Olympic Committee recently supported World Cleanup Day ©COC

The Cape Verde Olympic Committee (COC) has signed up to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework and pledged to build sustainable headquarters for the organisation.

By joining the framework, the COC becomes the latest sporting body committed to following five principles including educating for climate action.

Making systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility, reducing negative impact on the climate, promoting sustainable, responsible consumption and advocating for climate action through communication are the other pillars of the framework.

COC members will now be encouraged to promote environmental protection themselves and make it one of the pillars of the Olympic Movement in the country. 

The construction of eco-friendly headquarters promises to be one of the biggest projects undertaken in accordance with the framework.

Cape Verde is vulnerable to rising sea levels and the climate crisis at large ©Getty Images
Cape Verde is vulnerable to rising sea levels and the climate crisis at large ©Getty Images

Earlier this year, the COC and Praia City Council agreed a deal for a piece of land 1,690 metres squared in size to be transferred to the National Olympic Committee free of charge.

That is where the headquarters will be built.

Other environmentally-conscious activities carried out by the COC in recent months include taking part in World Cleanup Day in September and planting trees in July to mark the 31st anniversary of the organisation being founded.

An island nation, Cape Verde is particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis, especially rising sea levels.