The second Mediterranean Beach Games began in Patras ©Patras 2019

The second edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games officially began in Patras with the Opening Ceremony held in the Greek city.

The Ceremony took place at the main Artemis venue, with the event having the theme of space and time.

Images representing the Mediterranean, the Balkans, North Africa and the Greek sea were depicted throughout.

Organisers claimed this helped send a message of peace, friendship, fellowship and sportsmanship among the competing nations.

Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared the Games open, with Organising Committee President Nikos Papadimatos vowing to deliver a successful event.

"Two years ago, the International Committee of Mediterranean Games entrusted Greece and the city of Patras with hosting and organising these modern and outstanding Games," he said.

“We would like to thank you for this great honour.

"While the sports community focuses on our beautiful city from today until August 31, we are going to accept the challenge.

"Because through these Games, Greece will aim again at organising similar major international events."

Over 35 singers, musicians, dancers and acrobats performed in the Ceremony ©Patras 2019
Over 35 singers, musicians, dancers and acrobats performed in the Ceremony ©Patras 2019

Papadimatos added:  "The Organising Committee, the city's various institutions, our staff and volunteers have worked hard all day and all night, fully dedicated to these Games.

"Our Games start today, but they will not end on Sunday.

"From the next day we have to invest in this event, infrastructures, man power, technical know – how and experience we will have gained from the Games.

"After giving great thanks to all contributing to these Games, as President of the Organising Committee, I want to invite all citizens of Patras and our visitors to join in our celebration."

The Games are due to finish on Saturday (August 31), with 11 sports featuring on the programme.

Aquathlon, canoe ocean racing, finswimming, open-water swimming, rowing beach sprint and water skiing events will take place.

The beach versions of handball, football, volleyball, tennis and wrestling will also feature.

Organisers expect 1,020 athletes from 26 countries to will compete.