The awarding of European Championship events to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020 followed a successful meeting between their federation and WTE officials in Belgrade last year ©WTE

Sarajevo will stage three events next year as Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts events for World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) for the first time.

WTE has announced that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Taekwondo Federation will host the 2020 European Championships Olympic Weight Categories G1, Youth Olympic Weight Categories and also the European Master Championships 2020.

Sarajevo will stage the events from October 28 to November 1.

The announcement follows last October’s meeting in Belgrade – which will stage the senior European Taekwondo Championships next May – between representatives of WTE and officials from the Bosnian and Herzegovina Taekwondo Federation to discuss the development of the sport nationally.

Sarajevo now takes its place in the World Taekwondo Europe calendar for 2020 ©ETE
Sarajevo now takes its place in the World Taekwondo Europe calendar for 2020 ©ETE

WTE President Sakis Pragalos was joined by secretary general Michael Fysentzidis in a meeting with the national federation.

The Bosnian governing body was represented by Damir Šunjić and Samir Šarić.

The meeting took place while Pragalos and Fysentzidis checked on preparations for the 2020 European Taekwondo Championships.

Pragalos said at the time he was "very positive" about the initiatives and projects that were planned to be introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

WTE added that they would be happy to assist the national federation in any way they can.

In November, Bosnia and Herzegovina sent representatives to the Cadet European Championships in Spain and the European Under-21 Championships in Poland.