GAISF are heralding the DotSport initiative as a boost for all International Federations ©GAISF

A new ".sport" internet extension initiative being introduced by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) tht will "change the course of digital communications" for sporting bodies, it is claimed.

An "exciting update" is due to be given on the project during the GAISF General Assembly here on Friday (April 20).

It marks the continuation of a protracted process which has been ongoing since 2012 and has been subject to longstanding legal complications and delays.

But, following the supposed resolution of these problems, a ".sport" extension was created in the root of the Internet Domain Name System on January 10 earlier this year.

"Today there are more than 200 million active websites, with only a few extensions available," GAISF head of digital services Pierre Germeau said.

"Not only are these existing extensions scarce, but they have a complete lack of meaning. 

"The DotSport initiative is an opportunity for federations to establish a strong digital presence in many disciplines across the world."

SportAccord President Patrick Baumann has hailed the DotSport initiative ©Getty Images
SportAccord President Patrick Baumann has hailed the DotSport initiative ©Getty Images

Germeau added: "The advantage for International Federations that sign up to this initiative is not only that they differentiate themselves as the leading sports organisations in their fields, but they automatically expand their global footprint, rather than confining themselves to a website with only one or two language options."

Participating members can have a "full portfolio" of domains created for their Federation.

This should include portals that can be assigned to different events, disciplines and even athletes. 

Each domain is also due to be available in more than 30 languages.

GAISF - the organisation known as SportAccord until last year - is continuing to attempt to prove its worth as a servicing body for its Member Federations.

It is due to devolve its Doping Free Sport Unit to the new International Testing Agency but is planning other measures, including a collective ethics panel for winter sports.