Los Angeles 2024 may reconsider planned changes to redevelop the velodrome in South Bay ©Velo Sports Center/Twitter

Los Angeles 2024 are prepared to downscale their plans to renovate the Velo Sports Center velodrome in South Bay in order to avoid expensive development work considered unnecessary by the International Cycling Union (UCI) and other key stakeholders.

They are "comfortable", however, to press ahead with current plans if this is still deemed the best solution.

Concerns with proposals to remove inside pillars in order to increase seating capacity was raised as the only "challenge" with the Californian city's venue plans in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission report published yesterday.

It called for "further discussions between all relevant parties...to find the most cost-effective solution with the best legacy outcome".

As well as the UCI and IOC and Los Angeles 2024 itself, Olympic Broadcasting Services are also set to be included in discussions.

A cheaper solution may be pursued to confirm with the IOC's cost-cutting Agenda 2020 reforms.

"We are committed, [the velodrome] is in our budget, which obviously the IOC showed great confidence in, to upgrade an existing, world-class velodrome to UCI and OBS guidelines," said Los Angeles 2024 chairman Casey Wasserman after the report was published.

"We're committed to that, we're comfortable with that. 

"I think the general question is really, is it necessary to go at that level given the focus of Agenda 2020 on trying to use existing facilities? 

"So, we are happy to work with the IOC and UCI in the process, and if we can come up with a solution that meets everyone's needs and it's different from the one we proposed, we're very comfortable with that. 

"But we're also very comfortable executing the plan we have, which fits comfortably with our budget, and delivers a world-class velodrome to the Olympic Games, the UCI, and we think provides a great opportunity to host many future cycling events post the Games."

Information on the Velo Sports Center included in the IOC Evaluation Commission report ©IOC
Information on the Velo Sports Center included in the IOC Evaluation Commission report ©IOC

The Velo Sports Center, formerly known as the ADT Event Center or LA Velodrome, opened in 2004 and has already played host to major events that include the 2005 Track Cycling World Championships and the 2012 Para-Cycling World Championships.

It is the only world-class velodrome in United States, it is claimed.

It is located next to the StubHub Center home of the Los Angeles Galaxy football team, built on the site formerly occupied by the velodrome used at the 1984 Olympic Games.

Renovation work is currently budgeted at $66 million (£51 million/€58 million) and directly included in the operating costs of Los Angeles 2024.

Los Angeles claim to be currently focusing only on their 2024 bid race with sole rival Paris.

The IOC, however, are due to rubber-stamp plans to also award the 2028 edition this year during an Extraordinary Session next Tuesday and Wednesday (July 11 and 12).

If this is confirmed, both events will be awarded to either Los Angeles and Paris at the IOC Session on September 13 in Lima.