WADA President Sir Craig Reedie hopes the IFs will fulfil their Code obligations by not awarding events to Russia ©Getty Images

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President Sir Craig Reedie has urged all International Federations (IFs) to “fulfil the obligations of the Code” by not awarding major events to Russia due to the non-compliance of its National Anti-Doping Agency.

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) was declared non-compliant in November of last year following the release of the first WADA Independent Commission report, which alleged the presence of a state-sponsored system in the nation.

The WADA Code states that it is the “responsibility” of the IFs to do "everything possible to award World Championships only to countries where the Government has ratified, accepted, approved or acceded to the UNESCO Convention, and the National Olympic Committee, National Paralympic Committee and National Anti-Doping Organisation are in compliance with the Code".

Despite the clear rules of the Code, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) gave their 2021 World Championships to the Russian city of Tyumen earlier this month.

It was then confirmed that the sport’s worldwide governing body were at risk of non-compliance as a result of the decision, which came after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) effectively gave them the green light to do so despite the Executive Board asking all Winter IFs to “seek alternative hosts” to Russia and to “freeze preparations” for events there following the publication of the damning McLaren Report.

This followed the IOC meeting with the Winter IFs at last month’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where they told them the ruling only applied to future candidacies of Russian cities for major events and not to those which had already been awarded or planned bids from the country.

Sir Craig, WADA President since 2013, told insidethegames that they were "still in touch" with the IBU concerning the matter.

He said they had no problem with World Curling giving their World Mixed Curling Championships - due to take place in October - to Kazan as this decision had been made a month before RUSADA became non-compliant.

RUSADA was declared non-compliant following the publication of Richard Pound's first Independent Commission report ©Getty Images
RUSADA was declared non-compliant following the publication of Richard Pound's first Independent Commission report ©Getty Images

The 75-year-old Scot, who confirmed the full McLaren Report should be issued by the end of next month, also said that he expects Russia to still express interest in hosting major events but they "shouldn’t do it at the moment".

"We are in touch with the IBU to ask them under the Code," he told insidethegames here.

"They have a clear obligation under the code to do everything possible to avoid giving Championships to countries whose anti-doping organisation is non-compliant.

“Hopefully that one will get resolved.

“I would hope the International Federations would fulfil the obligations of the Code in the clear knowledge that we are doing everything we possibly can to make RUSADA compliant because we can’t have the biggest country in the world non-compliant.

"I’m sure Russia will express interest but they shouldn’t do it, not at the moment."

The McLaren Report was one of the main topics on the agenda at WADA’s Executive Committee meeting, held here yesterday, and Sir Craig expects the IOC and the organisation to be on the same page when the updated edition is released.

The IOC have set up their own commissions into allegations of state-sponsored doping, with the one led by French judge and IOC Ethics Commission vice-chair Guy Canivet focusing on the claims of Government involvement in Russian doping during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Canivet is set to have access to the same evidence as Richard McLaren, Sir Craig confirmed.

"He [Canivet] will have access to all of the evidence that McLaren has," he said.

"The IOC will have to deal with the findings when McLaren has finished as it may effect results from the Winter Games in Sochi.

"All of that evidence will be available to the IOC and we find it quite difficult to believe they will reach an alternative conclusion."

The 12-member WADA Executive Committee also discussed a possible independent testing system, with a meeting due to be held on the topic here tomorrow.

The 2017 Prohibited List was also approved, which WADA "spent a lot of time on" to ensure it was "well-communicated" following the confusion surrounding meldonium.

The issue of Laboratories was debated, while the Executive Committee "apprised of the consensus reached during the Think Tank regarding the need for centralised Code compliance monitoring by WADA with proportionate and graded sanctioning powers".

WADA's Executive Committee agreed to continue the work and progress made during the previous day's "Think Tank" here - which gathered a range of stakeholders in the anti-doping movement.

WADA director general Olivier Niggli said they welcomed constructive proposals aimed at strengthening clean sport ©Getty Images
WADA director general Olivier Niggli said they welcomed constructive proposals aimed at strengthening clean sport ©Getty Images

Following the death of previous Executive Committee vice-chair Makhenkesi Stofile of South Africa, it was agreed the position would remain open until the WADA Foundation Board meets in Glasgow on November 20.

"Following the November meeting, a roadmap will be drawn up aimed at strengthening key areas of anti-doping; as well as, providing a direction for the future of the system,” WADA director general Olivier Niggli said. 

“WADA’s powers of investigation acquired in 2015 were instrumental in exposing Russian State manipulation of the doping control process.

“We are more than open to learning from this experience and moving forward in the interest of strengthening the Agency and the global anti-doping system.

“In particular, we are focused on strengthening our investigation team; implementing consequences for non-compliance; and, reviewing WADA’s governance and funding model. 

"All constructive proposals aimed at strengthening clean sport are welcome.”