Lance Armstrong has agreed a settlement ©Getty Images

Lance Armstrong has settled a $10 million (£6.6 million/€9 million) dispute over Tour de France payments with insurance firm SCA Promotions. 

The disgraced American, who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after admitting to doping in 2012, has been embroiled in an 11-year feud with the US company.

This began when they refused to pay Armstrong an agreed sum following his 2004 Tour victory as allegations mounted concerning his involvement in doping.

In response, Armstrong successfully sued, receiving $2.5 million (£1.65 million/€2.2 million) in damages and costs plus the $7.5 million (£5 million/€7 million) payment that he was owed.

A hearing concluded that he should be paid so long as he was the "official winner" of his Tours.

But this ruling was rendered invalid after the International Cycling Union (UCI) stripped him of his titles following his admission in 2012, with no alternative winner declared due to the involvement of almost all the top athletes in similar scandals.

This marks the latest of several court cases since Lance Armstrong admitted to doping in 2012 ©AFP/Getty Images
This marks the latest of several court cases since Lance Armstrong admitted to doping in 2012 ©AFP/Getty Images

SCA immediately pushed for a repayment and, despite Armstrong's lawyers initially resisting, a lawsuit ruled that he must pay a $10 million penalty for lying under oath in the original case.

The full amount of the settlement now paid by the cyclist has not been revealed.

“I’m pleased to have this matter behind me and I look forward to moving on,” said Armstrong.

“I do wish to apologise to SCA, and its chief executive Bob Hamman, for any misconduct on my part in connection with our dispute and the resulting arbitration.”

This is one of several court cases Armstrong remains involved in.

Another consists of an ongoing whistleblower lawsuit from the US Government which continues to rumble on, with another doping cheat in 2005 Tour champion and Armstrong's former US Postal team-mate Floyd Landis to give testimony in a pre-trial deposition.

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