By Paul Osborne

Gwangju 2015 has held a workshop to share preparations for the Summer Universiade with partner universities ©Getty ImagesDecember 19 - Gwangju 2015 has held a workshop at the International Exchange Centre of the Pai Chai University to share preparations for the Summer Universiade with partner universities while helping to promote cooperation and participation.

The collaboration workshop saw 10 universities in attendance, including five premium level partners such as the Hanyang, Myongji, Chonnam, Chosun and Honam Universities.

These universities came from a support system of 27 partners - split into the three levels of premium, partner and friend depending on the scope of cooperation with Gwangju 2015 - that have established in the build up to the Games.

"We have signed partnerships with main universities across the country in order to organise the Universiade as more than just a simple sporting event but a true festival for university sports, centred on universities," said a Gwangju 2015 official.

"This workshop has allowed us the opportunity to build a strong network with the partner universities and work on close cooperation."

The collaboration workshop also allowed Gwangju 2015 to share ways in which universities could promote participation of students in sport, a systematic approach for the organisation of volunteers and the involvement of universities at international academic programmes.

In particular, much discussion was held on how the participation of volunteers from each of the partner universities could be motivated with emphasis given on recruiting supporters and university ambassadors to promote the Gwangju Universiade.

Gwangju 2015 is due to get underway on July 3, with action running through until July 14.

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