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FISU delegates conclude their inspection of GwangjuOctober 5 - An inspection of Gwangju, in preparation for the 2015 Summer Universiade, by the International University Sport Federation (FISU has been completed.

Five inspection delegates from FISU used the trip to meet with the Gwanju 2015 officials to discuss their preparations for the Games, and complete checks of each venue being used for the different sporting events.

During the three day inspection, Summer Universiade director, Marc Vandenplas, emphasised the need for the Gwangju 2015 to "make practical preparations for the Games".

He added: "There are only 21 months remaining until the 2015 Gwangju Universiade.

"Now, Gwangju needs to make practical preparations for the Games.

"Gwangju needs more cooperation and communication with FISU as well as between organising members to ensure a smooth preparation."

A focal point for the inspection delegates was the need for Gwangju 2015 to design an integrated system that will allow for a smooth and seamless support service for the delegations travelling to the venue from more than 170 countries around the world.

FISU delegates emphasise the need to make practical preparations for the gamesFISU delegates emphasise the need to make practical preparations for the Games

Early development of the accreditation system was also emphasised as the registration of delegations is likely to start up to a year before the games is due to take place.

Completion of all event venues was also a high priority for the inspection delegates as each of the 21 sports must host tests to check that all equipment and facilities are in perfect working order prior to the Games commencing.

A key concern for members of Gwangju 2015 was the conformation of competition venue locations that had yet to be fixed, including football and handball.

After leading the inspection of the competition venues, John Warnock, Chairman of the International Technical Committee (CTI), added: "The location and environment of the competition venues proposed by Gwangju are very good.

"I will consult with the related technical officials and reply concerning this matter as soon as possible."

Following the inspection, the secretary general of Gwangju 2015, Kim Yoon-Suk, said: "As we are looking to the last reorganisation before the Games, this FISU Inspection has provided us a good opportunity to receive needed recommendations from FISU.

"Through close collaboration with FISU, we will develop measures in budget reduction and continue to discuss with FISU on the necessary matters."

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