By Tom Degun

valor-gamesFebruary 3 - US Paralympics and the US Department of Veterans Affairs have announced that,  following the success of the 2011 and 2012 Valor Games Midwest, the competition for veterans and service members with a physical disability has been expanded to three additional regions across the country.

The Valor Games were established two years ago by World Sport Chicago in partnership with US Paralympics and Veterans Affairs to provide an introductory sports competition for veterans and service members with a physical disability and to promote sports at the community level.

The competition is similar to the annual Warrior Games held in Colorado Springs.

Besides Valor Games Midwest in Chicago, additional sites include the Valor Games Southeast in Durham, the Valor Games Southwest in San Antonio and the Valor Games Far West in San Jose.

Funding for all four of the competitions is being provided by Veterans Affairs.

"We're proud to expand this great event for veterans that World Sport Chicago has made so popular," said Veteran Affairs office of national veterans sports Programmes and special events director Chris Nowak.

"By offering the competition at targeted regions across the country, we're not only making it easier for veterans to participate but also more cost-effective."

Qualifying athletes include veterans or active duty service members from any era.

Their physical disabilities may fall into the following categories amputation/limb loss, post-traumatic stress, spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, visual disabilities or any disability rating from the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

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