The limited edition London 2012 3 Years to Go lapel pins, produced and supplied by Honav, have virtually sold out less than two weeks after their release on July 27.

Honav have now sold all of the 3,000 highly collectable 3 Years to Go pins to retailers, and will not be producing any more.
Some of the retailers still have some stock, but most have also sold out completely.

Charlie Wijeratna , the London 2012 Director of Commercial Negotiations, said: “We are delighted that the limited edition London 2012 3 Years to Go Lapel Pin has proven to be so popular and sold so quickly.

"Official Olympic pins and pin collecting are a special part of the culture of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and we believe the sales of the 3 Years To Go Lapel Pins are a sign of this continuing in the UK.”

The 3 Years to Go Pin can now only be purchased from the small number of retailers with stock remaining or on the second hand market.
Prices on auction websites have already reached between £10 and £19, an increase of almost 300 per cent on the original retail price.

Half of the 3 Years to Go Pin retailers sold out on the first day of release.
Over 500 pins were sold on the Museum of London website before the Museum doors opened on Monday 27 July, when the Museum of London officially received the 3 Year to Go pin into their collection.

Sebastian Coe, the chairman of London 2012, athletes and Government officials wore the 3 Years to Go Lapel Pins during the 3 Years to Go event at the Olympic Park to mark the countdown.

Until the start of the Games on July 27, 2012, Honav and London 2012 will be producing a total of 2,012 different designs for retail.
There will be pins themed on different sports, UK culture and several countdowns.
A large proportion of these pins will be limited edition pins like the 3 Years to Go pin.
Several other valuable limited edition pins are currently available in the shops.
One to really look out for will be the 1,000 Days to Go Pin, due to be released on October 31, 2009, and sure to be highly sought after.