MAY 7 - JOHN LUNT, the new competiton manager for the triathlon at London 2012, today launched a new elite series of events to be shown on Channel 4.


The newly-created British Triathlon Grand Prix brings together the British Triathlon Corus Elite Series, consisting of three events): the Mazda London Triathlon – the largest triathlon event in the world, the Mazda Blenheim Triathlon, and the seven time British Triathlon event of the year, the Nokia Windsor Triathlon.


Produced by Cirencester-based production company Dreamteam Television, highlights from each of the six races will be broadcast on Channel 4 as a six-part series, equivalent to four hours of coverage, which will be played throughout the summer on both Channel 4 and Channel 4 1.


The series will also be available on the Channel’s catch-up service 4 On Demand (4OD). 


The Grand Prix kicks off on May 18 with the Reading Corus Elite Series at GreenPark, just a few miles away from the venue of the first ever triathlon held in Britain some 25 years ago.


President of the British Triathlon Federation and former elite triathlete, Sarah Springman said:
“The inaugural British Triathlon Grand Prix marks an important new stage in the development of elite triathlon racing in Great Britain , and hopefully we shall see some intriguing and exciting competition across the six events.


"The combination of the country’s top races is a positive step forward as triathlon moves from being recognised as a vibrant up and coming sport into becoming a mature and successful medal winning sport.”


Nick Rusling, managing director of IMG Mass Participation Sports, said: “The British Triathlon Grand Prix is a fabulous step forward for the sport of triathlon and we are delighted to be part of this ground breaking project with our Mazda London and Mazda Blenheim Triathlons.


"The Grand Prix partnership, together with Channel 4, will help continue to take the sport out to a new audience who can both marvel at the abilities of the elite athletes as well as realise that triathlon is a fun and achievable sport for all


Lunt, mnaging director of Human Race Ltd, said: “The Nokia Windsor triathlon and Human Race are delighted to be involved with this exciting project.


"Combining the best events in the British triathlon calendar is a great step forward for the sport.


"We look forward to working closely with Channel 4 and the other great events in the series”


Deborah Poulton, deputy editor of Sport at Channel 4 said: “This is an exciting time for triathlon and there has never been a better time to work with these partners on the creation of this series.


"With the Olympics coming to London in 2012, interest will peak in our home grown talent and I hope that viewers will tune in to support some great triathlon action on Channel 4.”