altJune 21 - New Delhi will stage next year's World Cup, the International Hockey Federation President Leandro Negre said today.


Negre said here that India had met the conditions set for them and there was no longer a need to put Malaysia on standby as alternative hosts.


He said: “They [India] have in place all the necessary infrastructure."


India had been warned in April that it could lose the World Cup if the men's and women's hockey bodies did not form a single entity, as stipulated by FIH rules.


A six-month period was given by FIH but before the time was up, Hockey India was formed earlier this month as an umbrella organisation for the game in the country and FIH had given official seal of approval to it. 


Negre said: “Our request for the formation of a single hockey association has been done and we have approved their constitution.


"They have also tied up the title sponsors and the venues will be ready on time.


“When we had a plan B [with Malaysia on standby] most of these issues were not in place.


"But I can say today that India will host the World Cup in 2010.”


Negre dismissed talks of teams wanting to stay away from the Finals in India for security reasons.


He said: “These matters are being taken care of.


"We also have independent assessors of the situation.


"An Australian outfit have also undertaken the study on the security for the Commonwealth Games [also in New Delhi) next year.


“We will get feed]ack from them as well.


"We are closely monitoring the situation.


"I have not heard of any team raising the security issue.”


The teams who have qualified for the Finals thus far are India, Canada and South Korea.


The other continental champions will be known by October and three other teams will come through from three qualifying tournaments scheduled for November.